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The latest session of The Dungeon Crawl online was just as the title says, a triumph! Even though we had tons of fun and conquered many a dungeon, I have some bad news.

Due to my procrastination, I forgot about the twitter feed so I didn't tweet anything, and those profiles on the characters I mentioned, aren't ready, but I've got some short summaries for you:

  • Alistair Mulbury: An aloof human cleric of Erathis, bent on healing the masses near and far away
  • Archenon <INSERT AWESOME LAST NAME>: This changeling assassin is so well-developed, I totally forgot his last name
  • Mord Bulldresh: A powerful minotaur runepriest who revels in smashing in his opponent's heads
  • Choklan Tigerfang: A frequently absent human druid, who slices people to ribbons with his metal claws

There are other members to our party, but until they start attending more regularly they are banished from the blog. I still have yet to post our exploits on their own page, so for now they will remain a mystery,
until next post,

-The Dungeon Master

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