About Us

You've entered the dungeon…

Welcome! We are an enthusiastic group of Dungeons & Dragons players who usually meet once a week on Saturday in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If you live in the Calgary area and have an interest in Dungeons & Dragons, then this site is for you.

Our Game

Since 1974 Dungeons & Dragons has been a worldwide institution enjoyed by everyone, everywhere, from all walks of life. The actual game of Dungeons & Dragons (also known as D&D) is played with the aid of some dice, small plastic figurines (or miniatures), and several rule books (used to resolve events in the game). But the true game of D&D is played in your mind, where magic spells fly and blades clash, and the only limit is your imagination. It would take longer than the entire life of the universe to explain the joys of D&D, but I find this YouTube video very helpful in explaining just what D&D is.

Our own little slice of Dungeon

At this point, we play over at The Sentry Box, located near the downtown core. Like D&D, I could go on and on about the splendors of The Sentry Box, but if you head on over to their website it will have all the information you could possibly need.

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